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InsCorp shares are listed on the OTCQX Market under the symbol IBTN. With InsCorp being listed on the OTCQX Market, shareholders are able to view real-time quote and trading information and can work with their broker to purchase or sell shares of IBTN. Certain corporate information and reporting is posted to the OTCQX on a quarterly basis.

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Transfer Agent

Computershare, the transfer agent for InsCorp, is the institution that maintains detailed records of the stock transactions of investors. Shareholders can access their account at Computershare Investor to see a balance of shares held, dividend payment history, transactions and more. Shareholders interested in listing their shares of InsCorp stock that do not currently have a brokerage account can contact Computershare for assistance with listing the shares for sale and setting an asking price. You may contact Computershare at 877-373-6374. If you own shares through a broker, please contact the broker directly for information on your account.

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Restricted Shares

Restricted InsCorp shares that have been held for over 1 year are able to have the restrictive legend removed. This allows for shares to be reissued as book entry (electronic shares) or certificated shares. Book entry shares can be easily transferred into a brokerage account via the Direct Registration System (DRS), while certificated shares can be held in a lockbox at your brokerage office and shares manually uploaded to an account. To remove restrictions, shareholders will need to contact InsCorp’s Shareholder Relations representative, sign a Shareholder’s Rule 144 Letter and turn in the original stock certificates to Computershare’s Processing Office.

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Amanda is located at our Green Hills Office and would be happy to assist you with any of your Shareholder needs.

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