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Banking should be more than a transaction.

It's about investing in you. Meet the people who invest in your banking needs. They work every day to ensure you're more than a number.

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Where Genuine Matters

We may not be the “branch on every corner” bank, but that's a good thing. There, you're just a number. Here, we're the bank where you know who you're talking to, every single time.

Our advice doesn't come pre-packaged, because we believe your banking needs deserve special attention from the start. Are you ready to discover a bank where genuine matters?

INSBANK staff members

Don't settle for “check the boxes” banking

We're a true local bank — built by and for Nashville business leaders. A place where our people and partners are having as much fun as they are having success.

Commercial Lending

You're an entrepreneur or a small business owner with big dreams. And we're the bank that can make those happen.

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Treasury Management

Streamlined processes mean more time and money for you! Let's work together to run your day-to-day operations more smoothly.

Private Client Group

You could be our MVC (Most Valuable Client) with a private banker and a customized line of banking! Let's chat.

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