Executive Leadership Team

Good corporate governance is fundamental to INSBANK'S business.

It is essential that we practice responsible business principles, and continue to demonstrate our commitment to excellence to sustain value for our investors and stakeholders. INSBANK has long been proactive in establishing policies and practices that support strong corporate governance and transparency in financial reporting.

These practices provide an important framework within which our Board of Directors and management can pursue the strategic objectives of INSBANK and ensure its long term vitality for the benefit of shareholders.

Corporate Administration

mallory smith picture

Mallory Smith

Public Relations

The Business Cred

As a child, Mallory dreamed of being an interior designer, but after attending MTSU and obtaining a degree in Business Administration, she discovered banking was the best option for her future. See what else she’s been up to:

  • More than 7 years at Avenue Bank in various positions including Concierge Banker, AVP Branch Manager, and Learning and Development Coordinator
  • Volunteer with Second Harvest, Hands on Nashville and Pencil Partner

The Personal Stuff:

If you want to get on Mallory’s good side, bring her any snack with peanut or cashew butter! You will most likely find her at a barre class or on a golf course somewhere with her husband. She can’t live without traveling, dark chocolate, and yoga pants!

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amanda richardson picture

Amanda Richardson

Shareholder Relations

The Business Cred

As a child, Amanda wanted to be an interior designer or a secretary. Now, she keeps us running at INSBANK! Check out the rest:

  • 10 years at a Financial Advisory Firm
  • 5 years at a Community Bank Partner as Loan Assistant, Co-Chair of Marketing/Retail Committees

The Personal Stuff:

To get on Amanda’s good side, you should bring her pretzels with cream cheese and a Vanilla Coke! You can often find her In the yard (mowing or gardening), starting some random house project, or driving to/from Memphis to visit family. She can’t live without warm weather, sleep, and of course, laughter. Ask her about her time living in Japan and Hawaii, or her competitive swimming career!

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Board of Directors

Our annually elected board of directors is comprised mostly of independent directors (with the only exception being the CEO, James H. Rieniets, Jr.). Each Director provides a unique business perspective, experience and skills, all valuable to the Bank. The board plays a vital oversight role, which fosters shareholder value and affects stakeholder confidence, through discussions with senior management and external advisors covering a wide range of matters including strategy, financial performance, compliance and policy.

  • Michael A. Qualls, Board Chairman, INSBANK
  • James H. Rieniets, Jr. President / Chief Executive Officer, INSBANK
  • W. Page Barnes, Community Healthcare Trust
  • David P. Crabtree, Brookside Properties, Inc.
  • Richard S. Hollis, Jr. Hollis & Burns
  • Stacey Garrett Koju, Bone McAllester Norton PLLC
  • C. Louis Patten, Jr., Cornerstone Insurance Group
  • Dennis W. Petty, CPA
  • Charles T. Tagman, Jr., Risko Group LLC
  • Philip R. Zanone, Jr., B. Riley Wealth Management
  • Russell Echlov, Ledyard Capital
  • James Fields, Concept Technology Inc.

Directors Emeritus

  • William E. Wallace

In Memory of Former Directors

  • Maurice Pinson
  • Thomas Loventhal

Board Committees

Committee and committee chair assignments are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors after considering factors such as the directors’ business and corporate governance experience, the Governance Committee’s recommendations, criteria for specific committee service, the directors’ other responsibilities and scheduling flexibility. Assignments are periodically reviewed to ensure that each committee has an appropriate mix of tenure and experience in order to introduce fresh perspectives while preserving continuity.

  • Governance Committee *
  • Audit Committee *
  • Compensation Committee *
  • Asset / Liability Committee
  • Management Committee
  • Executive Loan Committee
  • *outside director membership only in order to ensure independence

Bank Committees

Certain day to day processes and procedures conducted by the bank are better managed and monitored through a committee structure allowing the various departments and management input into enterprise wide issues. Executive Management recommends assignments to committees based on subject matter experience and departmental representation. Executive management is represented on each committee.

  • IT Steering Committee
  • Compliance Committee
  • Officer Loan Committee
  • BSA/SAR Committee


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