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Table of Contents

  • Business Guide

  • Retail Guide

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Digital Banking Basics

Dashboard Overview
Account Details
Stop Payment

Moving Money

Move Money: Managing Payees
Move Money: Bill Pay Enrollment & Payments
Move Money: Transferring Money Between Your Accounts
Move Money: Managing Payments

Managing Debit Cards

Manage Cards

Business Digital Banking

Sub-Users Overview
Company Management Overview
Managing Business Alerts

How to Process an ACH

Creating an ACH Batch
Managing ACH Batch Templates
Creating & Managing a Participant
ACH File Upload

How to Process a Wire

Creating a Domestic Wire
Creating an International Wire
Managing Wire Transfer Templates

Mobile Banking

Downloading the App
Apple Touch ID Setup
PIN Login
Apple Face ID Setup
Mobile Banking Interface
Mobile Deposit
Manage Cards on the Mobile App

Preferences & Settings

Change Username
Change Password
Change Security Questions
Contact Settings
Managing Alerts
Secure Messages Overview
Sending a Secure Message


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