COVID-19 Update

By INSBANK March 17th

With the COVID19 pandemic imparting uncertainty and concern across the country, INSBANK’s corporate motto, “Where Genuine Matters,” will continue to guide our team in serving and protecting our customers and employees alike. Genuine concern for our stakeholders’ well being started many years ago when we developed a pandemic plan, and subsequently as we periodically tested and revised that plan. Weeks ago we prepared for the possible need to implement the plan when the virus moved beyond the Asian region. This past week we implemented that plan.

For our client’s safety and convenience, we have invoked alternative protocols for providing them remote functionality in cases where they have not previously established electronic means for facilitating documentation, payments, and/or deposits. In this environment, for people concerned about person to person contact, we want to alleviate the need for customers to travel to our offices. Enhanced sanitation and hygiene protocols are also in place, as is now the norm for many businesses and organizations as recommended by health authorities. While our facilities remain open if a need exists that cannot be handled remotely, we have temporarily abbreviated our lobby hours in order to balance procedures and protocol. Our facilities will be open to customers from 10 am to 2 pm M-F. Service personnel remains available during normal operating hours. You may check our website for future updates to hours.

Our plan also involves tactical measures for minimizing the risk of the virus spreading amongst our employees and within our offices. Additionally, should any member of our team be concerned about their health or exposure they’ve had to others, every employee is equipped to work remotely from home via a secure virtual network.

In spite of these changes to operations, we remain focused on the needs of our customers. We recognize that many businesses and individuals will endure financial difficulties as companies and consumers change spending behaviors. INSBANK is prepared to work with its clients to bridge difficult times as necessary, and it would be disingenuous to fail to do so. We certainly hope our clients remain safe in their own environments and thank them for the opportunity to be their financial partner.

Jim Rieniets
President & CEO